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The built environment is the result of decisions by people, resulting in construction activities, connecting building materials, components and parts. The way we build, use and maintain the built environment needs rethinking. How can we make provisions for what cannot be foreseen? The client of the construction industry is the user of the built environment, you and me. Anything that does not serve this client is a waste of effort, material and energy. Yet the construction industry needs to make a proper profit in order to sustain and to serve the client and its environment. An environment leaving options open for future change needs a construction industry that is lean in thinking, production and construction. Open and Lean aim to contribute to a better built environment that works. It is the condition for places and spaces we admire and improve. Let us call it Agile Architcture.
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14 January, 2013

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Agile Architecture was the name of the annual conference on Open Building Implementation, in 2001 held in Delft, the Netherlands. We thank Stephan Kendall for coming up with this name.